Universities in the Neoliberal Era

10 Nisan 2017

"The neoliberal transformation of universities has been lived by academics, rarely analysed by them. We know most about its consequences in the US and UK, and little from anywhere about its consequences for daily practice and resistance. Hakan Ergül and Simten Coşar's courageous book is therefore doubly remarkable: for drawing together experiences from many countries outside the West, and for exploring ethnographically how neoliberal culture works and sometimes can be challenged on the ground. A landmark book in a long struggle." (Nick Couldry, author of “Why Voice Matters”, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK)

"Not only an important book on the global influence of neoliberal ideology, policies, and practices on higher education, but a much-needed analysis of how these affect the lives and experiences of a diverse group of faculty and students within European and Mediterranean societies ... . Merging a critique of neoliberal assaults on HE with its effects on everyday practices, it provides a range of interventions to create a new space for understanding how neoliberal policies operate and what it might mean to resist them… A crucial book for assessing one of the most dangerous trends HE has ever faced, and should be read by everyone concerned about HE as a site of critical thought, the role of academics as engaged critical agents, and the mission of HE as a democratic public sphere." (Henry Giroux, Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest, McMaster University, Canada)