• Journey of program proposal from Institute of Social Sciences to Curriculum Committee
  • Obtaining support letters from the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Fine Arts, Informatics Institute and Computer Graphics Department
  • Letter of support and contribution from the Faculty of Communication
  • Examination of sample programs
  • Documentation of communication scientists contributing in international literature
  • Documentation of publications and projects of Faculty of Communication faculty members


Moment Journal is a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic journal which has been published biannually in December and June by the Faculty of Communication, Hacettepe University. The Journal, which has been published since 2014, aims at making contribution to the broad field of cultural studies with genuine academic works that promise new questions and strong theoretical perspectives on national and international level by featuring articles both in Turkish and English. As an interdisciplinary journal, Moment includes critical studies and discussions in all areas of humanities and social sciences. Moment Journal regards, not only readers with academic interests in social sciences and humanities but also all the readers who have this interest and curiosity, as its audience. Inspired by Gramsci's concept of “moment”, Moment Journal's aim is to quest for praxis possibilities for a critical reading of social phenomenons.

Every issue of the journal is based on a certain theme. In each thematic issue, the editorial staff and guest editors work together. Continuation of our journal over the themes is adopted both in terms of increasing the accessibility of information about certain topics and in steering new debates by providing an intellectual basis for the topics which are on the agenda of the academy. No fee is demanded for the submission, evaluation and publication processes of the articles.

No fee is charged for the application, evaluation and publication of the articles.

Our journal continues publication in accordance with COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) guidelines and policies of Budapest Open Access Initiative.


We are a group of people who tell digital stories and try to facilitate digital storytelling. We get together as a group within the structure of the Faculty of Communication of Hacettepe University. This group is a mixture of academics and digital professionals.



Sineblog is a social media environment established in order to publish the articles (in essay
and research style) by academics' and students' at all levels writings on film industry and film
narrative structure, films in the screening, etc. through creating an area for both popular and
artistic cinema.

In order to open a blog, server service is required and our faculty does not have any payment
under the name of this expenditure item. For this reason, in cooperation with the academicians
working in our faculty, a common pool has been created to be limited to the per capita costs
and this amount has been met by the faculty members for a period of one year.




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