The Communication Sciences Undergraduate Program, which has been prepared by our expert and experienced academic staff, is structured with courses aiming to establish a solid foundation in the field of social sciences for the first two years. Our experience based in the fields of communication sciences at graduate and postgraduate level iluustrate that existing job opportunities in different fields of communication can be developed by the presence of graduates who are able to understand and operate the culture, society and communication dynamics. In addition to the compulsory courses aiming to provide a strong foundation, the Communication Sciences Undergraduate program is structured with rich elective courses on four main axes: Cultural Studies, Political Communication and Political Economy, Cinema and New Media.

Mission and Vision

 Dear students, and drew up a separate path for herself/himself among the Communication Faculties; instead of the increasingly exhausting conventional areas, you are participating in a program that seeks knowledge and a high formation in emerging media. Here you will encounter the new face of the field of communication, which is combined with the emerging media fields and cultural studies. You will graduate as being 21st century people who are open to the World, Turkey and regional awareness is high, gain different views through working with a broad and competent academic staff, who have trained themselves in various fields of critical social science, and gain new competiences. When you choose this program, we think you have this awareness and we welcome you.



Our faculty was established in 2005 and started research, education and training activities.


Graduate Program in Communication Sciences


PhD in Communication Sciences


Cultural Studies and Media Graduate Program


Undergraduate Program

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