Media Studies

Media Studies tries to analyze the media and culture through the history of audio - visual and printed media focusing on its functions and the process of production and consumption. In this chair there are several research areas and they complete each other.

Media Communication

The field of media communication, putting the emphasis on the indirect dimension of communication, aims to explain and evaluate the basic components of media, both the process and technical operation, as a means of message transfer in our social lives. The indirectness provided by the skill, brings along the differentiation of the form and content of the meaning.

Another important aspect is, the directing of the communication through forecasting the audience. Radio, television, cinema and printed press that use the indirect technology and especially the digital technology is in the filed of interest.

Media Studies

This research area contains the different approaches to audio - visual and printed press products. Media politics, production / manufacturing and the consumption processes, news making, new television programs and the types in television are all in the study field. The lectures in this area will inform students about the production processes, but it will also give the opportunity of learning how to analyze the media texts and evaluate the impact of programs on the audience.

Economy of Media

Media, besides being a cultural and social institution, is an industry. In this framework, using the sources of the economy discipline, this area of research examines the topics such as; the economy - politics of media, media ownership, the ownership and the relations of capital, media workers and employment problems, media masters and the relations of professionals, media industry, cultural production and market relations, etc.

Visual Culture Studies

The analysis of the visual materials of photography, cinema and television is in the content of visual culture studies. The visual texts gain importance day by day both for the producers, directors and the script writers of these texts and for the audience. In the analysis of the visual materials culture is placed in the center.

The film studies, which has become a separate discipline especially in Europe and the United States, has a theory of its own. Cinema, regarding its products as ideological, social, cultural, political, etc. tries to analyze the produced meanings.

The audience ethnography, the common research area of media and film studies, tries to understand the narratives, messages, contexts and texts of the audience on the media or films and through observation and interviews with the audience evaluates how media or films enter into the real lives.

Text and Discourse Analysis

The two main analysis the communication sciences apply in the examining of the media products are the text and discourse analysis. The text analysis focuses on the media products as text and searches for the mechanisms of meaning. The discourse analysis, on the other hand, works on explaining the language and the social and ideological dimensions of the representation systems.

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Burcu CANAR
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Ayşe Nevin YILDIZ
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Hatice Göze ORHON
Arş. Gör. Umut Yener KARA