Master of Arts (MA)

Radio, Television and Cinema

The Radio, Television and Cinema Master's program is prepared to include theoretical as well as practical courses and prepared different from the traditional approaches in this field, taking into account the dynamics brought by the effects of new communication technologies. Considering the convergence in the media ecosystem, the program covers various practical and theoretical issues related to the field of Radio, Television and Cinema, including but not limited to, new media technologies, social media platforms, cultural politics, creative industries, cultural economy, film theories, documentary cinema, screen and celebrity cultures, photography and video-graphic applications.

It is obvious that, as an established sector and a rooted research field, Radio, Television and Cinema is in need of a qualified workforce and researchers. Prepared to meet this need, Radio, Television and Cinema Master's program aims to graduate qualified people with a critical perspective, who can lead in the fields of cultural politics and cultural economy.

Students graduate from the program, which has a rich academic staff, passing the mandatory and elective courses and completing their master's thesis successfully. Two elective courses can be taken from the three graduate programs currently run within the Department of Communication Sciences.

Qualification Awarded: Radio, Television and Cinema Master's Degree
Level of Qualification: Master of Arts (MA)
Program Coordinator: Res. Asst. Dr. Emre Canpolat

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