Research Priority Areas

  • Digital Story Telling
  • Gender Communication and Media Studies
  • New Media Research
  • Everyday Life Research
  • Social Memory Research
  • Intercultural Communication and Migration Studies
  • Creative Industries, Cinema and Video Studies
  • Visual Communication and Visual Culture

Sub Study Topics

  • • Food
  • • material culture
  • • Identity
  • • Interpersonal communication
  • • Cultural encounters
  • • Gender studies
  • • urban studies
  • • identity studies
  • • migration studies
  • • Ethnography
  • • Generation studies
  • • Youth
  • • narrative studies
  • • Reception studies
  • • new media studies
  • • Advertising
  • • popular culture
  • • TV Studies
  • • Communication and language studies
  • • Social conflicts and violence
  • • Conflict resolution processes
  • • political communication
  • • Communication philosophy
  • • media philosophy
  • • digital ethnography
  • • feminist methodology
  • • Sociology of emotions
  • • critical linguistics
  • • visual communication
  • • discourse analysis
  • • semiotics
  • • memory studies
  • • critical pedagogy
  • • Turkey's political history and social memory
  • • Transformation of urban space and collective memory of the city
  • • Generations, political events and remembrance in Turkey
  • • Memory of social movements
  • • Health campaigns
  • • Advocacy in the media
  • • health media
  • • critical health literacy
  • • Health communication

Key Words

Micro and macro history, cuisine, identity, experience, remembering, memory, asylum, border, nationalism, integration, harmony, multiculturalism, cultural identity, ethnography, daily life, cultural studies, immigration, immigrant, cultural identity, visual culture, ethnography, representation, narrative, identity, migration, intercultural communication competence, intercultural conflict and harmony, violence, communication studies, media and human rights, media and gender, media and representation, news research, journalistic studies, meaning, expression, silence, staging , writing, politics, communication, political campaign, public opinion, political parties, advertisement, communication, campaign, text, meaning, gender, feminist studies, masculinity studies, body politics, queer theory, new media, digitalization, technology, communication, social media, media, new media, technology, ontology, internet, communication, language, text, sign, comparative literature, culture, popular culture, media, communication, text, narrative, text, communication, media, rhetoric, media, audience, literature, cinema, television, critical advertising studies, sociology of emotions, political advertisements, political psychology, sociology of communication, new media, digital literacy, gender, migration, identity, awareness, empowerment, everyday life, ideology, discourse, critical linguistics and media, semiotics, language and society, big data research, digital methods, social media, health communication, descriptive social sciences, immigration, immigrant, cultural identity, visual culture, ethnography, representation , narrative, insert History of Turkey, history, historiography, collective memory, cultural memory, identity, social peace and reconciliation, human rights, pluralism, democracy, negotiation, transparency and accountability, urban memory, culture, cultural heritage, monuments and museums (material culture), mourning, apology/forgiveness, confrontation/reconciliation, trauma, ethnography, generation, gender, digital story, gender, critical pedagogy, migration, health communication, digital literacy, gender, migration, identity, awareness, empowerment, everyday life, health campaigns, risk communication, health promotion and protection, advocacy in the media, infodemic, health ideology, critical health literacy

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