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For H2020 Projects

Recently, Prof.Dr. Binark has completed a new research project on "Conduction a social science researn on social media and data ethics policy in Turkey" with a research team, including Assistant Prof. Dr. Haydar Yalçın from İzmir Katip Çelebi University, Department of Information Science, Chair of the Division of Information Management and Technology, research assistant Şule Karataş from Hacettepe University and research assistant Tuğrul Çomu from Ankara University, and Pınar Dağ, a data journalist and a founding member of Open Data and Data School of Turkey.

This research aims to map the actors of the issue, problematics of data colecting,analyzing and data sorting in Turkey in the context of innovative and responsible research. The research team also has expanded social network with various NGOs in Turkey working on the open data, data journalism, freedom of information and freedom of access in Internet. Two members of the research team are members of Altenative Informatics Association as well. Alternative Informatics Association is a member of EDRI, and working on digital surveillance, data protection, new media activism and human rights in ınformatics related issues. The research team has a colloboration with Open Access and Open Data School of Turkey as well.

For a co-operation, we are looking for a partnership on research data ethics on social sciences, conducting through social media environments. The research team has qualified on media ethics, social media ethics, social network analysis, biblometrics, data management and research methodologies.

Working on: Conducting Research at Social Sciences on Social Media and the Issue of Data Ethics

Working on: Data Ethics Policy

Description: We're just recenty working on Data Ethics Policy in Turkey on conducting social sciences research through social media environments, esp. data collection/data mining. Our reserach team is composed of interdisciplinary experties. We're focusing on data ethics and data collecting and analysing on social media environments.

Target Partners: Universities, Research Institutes, Companies specialized on data mining, Law Consultans, Science Centers

Targeted field of cooperation: We're looking for a cooperation on Data Ethics Policy and The ethical dimensions of IT technologies.

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